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Our Founder, Professor Awad Ayesh

Professor Awad Ayesh is the Founder & CEO  for AAI Exchange Marketing and Consulting Group. He founded the AAI Exchange Marketing and Consulting Group in 1986 . His first name translated in English means Exchange.

Born in Gaza and educated internationally, Dr. Ayesh has a highly advanced academic background in Business, Philosophy, Theology, Arabic & Islamic Studies and Analytical Organic Chemistry that provides him with a unique perspective on relationship-building with a nation-wide group. He has also completed undergraduate studies in Geochemistry at Kuwait University and possesses an MBA with an emphasis in Network Marketing from Edenvale University as well as a PhD in International Business.

Prior to forming the company, Dr. Ayesh worked in the private sector in many capacities over the previous 25 years, spanning K-12 instruction, chemistry related work, entrepreneurial endeavors, project coordinator for various grants and wholesale broker.

Twenty years ago, he drew from these experiences to form AAI Exchange Marketing and Consulting Group to grow the American economy, empower the individual business owner to achieve his/her American dream, while providing socially redeeming services, through a foundation that is committed to helping others and promoting natural healing.

His association with the late Dr.C.S. West founder & mentor, a pioneer in Applied Lymphology establishes him as a leader in the fields of lymphology and natural healing.

Professor Awad Ayesh is a key leader in the North Carolina Tri-Cities for Non-Profit Grants and is a key figure in the Inter-Faith Communities & advisory board member with the Interfaith Alliance for the Research Triangle Park area in North Carolina for over ten years .

In 1986, Professor Awad Ayesh founded the company AAI to promote information, research, development, educational business entrepreneurs, consulting and trades.

In 2002, the company was renamed to AAI Exchange Marketing & Consulting Group to focus on promoting the Applied Lymphology course. The organization has grown to become a global broker in promoting various affiliate marketing programs that span business, health, environmental, finance, education and technology to businesses and individual business owners alike.

In 2003, Professor Awad Ayesh was awarded the Ambassador of Peace from the Interreligious and International Federation For World Peace.

In 2004, Professor Awad Ayesh became a Certified Lymphologist.